Discover: ‘Like Father, Like Son’


Japanese Cinema

Soshite Chichi ni Naru

Genre: Drama

Directed by Hirokazu Koreeda

Released 28th September 2013

Masaharu Fukuyama as Ryota Nonomiya, a busy father with no time for his son and wife
Machiko Ono as Midori Nonomiya, the stay at home mother of Keita
Lily Franky as Yudai Saiki, a working class man and father of Ryusei
Yōko Maki as Yukari Saiki, mother of Ryusei and a delivery woman
Kirin Kiki as Riko Ishizek, Midori’s mother

like father, like son

In this touching and gentle drama, Director Hirokazu Koreeda (Nobody Knows), explores the idea of discovering your child isn’t your own. Ryota Nanomiya is a successful business man who spends more time working and less time with his own family. he feels estranged from his son and spends little to no time with his wife Midori.

One day Ryota and Midori get a phone call from the hospital they delivered their son Keita at, asking for them to come in for some DNA tests, soon discovering Keita isn’t their biological son. their bio-son Ryusei has been living with the Saiki family with 2 younger siblings. as these two families meet to decide what course of action to take, we soon see the differences between the two, and the struggles the parents have to overcome in this difficult situation.

like father like son

Two families from different social backgrounds attempt to deal with the horrible situation they have been placed in. The film is excellent in how it sympathetically deals with each family and the children. Ryota, the main character, believes that blood is stronger than anything else when he realises he doesn’t have a good relationship with his son. Stating “now i understand” when he discovers the truth. though through his journey we seem how he evolves and develops. As Koreeda perfectly shows us this mans delicate journey.


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